Fatima was kind enough to submit three beautiful design sketches of woman’s modern Muslim Fashion
Thanks a lot Fatima!

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“My name is Fatima. I am from Uzbekistan (Central Asia). I am
interested in Muslim women’s fashion design clothes; at the present
I have illustrated thousand of verity sketches of modern and Muslim

I am 27 years old, from Uzbekistan, which is located in central Asia: quite modern and new developed Islamic country, where people more famous with their hospitality and rich history.

In the last few years I studied in various European countries and I am good in verity of languages too such English, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish, also I have worked as an English teacher in my hometown, also as a customer services in cloth markets and boutiques of accessories, jewelry, handbags and etc.

Even I have graduated the field of language, my interests to fashion and art is always growing higher and I feel myself more talented in fashion designing.

In my childhood when my parents felt my abilities in drawing picture they gave me to art school, so I have studied and got knowledge in fine art until entering to the World Languages University in my home city.
I am inspired of famous fashion designers’ works, especially Zara, Mango, Elie Saab and many more.

My sketches describe not only Muslim women’s wears, there also for western or Asian modern fashion wears. Though my every sketches differs from each other, there is describing the same tender feelings of women. Most I give attention to its matching colours, and of course it’s contemporary styles.

I am desired working with designers, sharing my sketches and presenting to the world of fashion.



Kind Regards”



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