Men’s wear designers have something to be happy about. It looks like there will be a New York Men’s Fashion Week next summer. Although the calendar is already full with international fashion weeks, American designers want to have their own men’s week. The idea has been brewing for some time and has gained momentum when designers got emails from the Council of Fashion Designers of America last October.

Chief executive of CFDA Steven Kolb said that the concept is all about patriotism. The proposed date would fall right after the Fourth of July. During the New York Fashion Week that are held in February and September, the men’s lines were often overshadowed by that of the women’s. Most established men’s designers go overseas to present their collections.

The reason why designers go to Europe is partly due to logistics. The selling season for spring collections happens during the summer. This is when buyers look at the collections and place t heir orders. It happens after the European men’s wear fashion shows in Milan, Paris and London. Designers from New York, as well as labels, moved their shows to Europe in order to close the gap of showing and selling to their customers.

2015-07-13 08_11_04-CFDA _ NYFW_ Men’s is Here!

But there are some challenges along the way. The first one is to create a lineup that is strong enough to draw the attention of buyers and international press to go to New York. It will test the brands that are founded in the United States but have gone to other places to show, or chose not to show their collections. Major brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein, have not made any comments if they will join a New York Men’s Week.

The men’s wear week also needs to get sponsors that will offset the costs of production and sites. Three sponsors have already committed but they need to have at least one more major sponsor to meet the budget of $2 million.