Caitlyn Hess is not just a luxurious shoe designer. She has taken several steps in helping those who are in need. She is the designer of Schee and her mission is to walk to make a difference. She creates unique shoe designs to increase awareness and show support for people in need.

Each season Schee takes on a different charitable organization. The company gives five percent of the total sales to the charity of the season. She provides the chance to make a difference with each purchase and at the same time offers them a special product that’s one-of-a-kind. Hess wants to redefine the shoe industry by combining luxury, design, and personal expression to change lives.

Hess said that she combined her passion of wanting to make a difference with her love of shoes. She wanted to motivate both the soles and souls of the person who wears her shoes. She said that her footwear is more than just fashion accessories. She said that she was motivated by her grandmother’s breast cancer diagnosis as well as working with autistic children after she graduated from Penn State University.

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In 2013, Hess introduced her first masterpiece called Giuliana. She released it after two years in the design process. She got the help of an architectural engineer to make the pump functional. It is a silk satin platform pump wrapped in Swarovski Crystal. The double heel means two legs walking to make a difference. It was made to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Some of the other shoes in her line were made in China. Her most recent design is called Sixty Five Roses and made to support cystic fibrosis research. It was inspired by the dark romance era. Children with the disease often refer to their condition as Sixty Five Roses.

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