One of the most adored clothes which can always attracts people’s attention is dress. Sketch dress design for example, has always been mesmerizing people with their own theme, color, and attraction. Here, I am going to talk about the most popular sketch dress design that people have talked about.

One of the sketches that people has been talking about and brought new taste in fashion, especially in wedding dress, is Kate Middleton wedding dress. Indeed, this very princes of England has been quite mesmerizing, that many replicas are sold, and many designers adopt the concept of the very dress.

The dress is designed by Sarah Burton, for Alexander McQueen, Royal School of Needlework. The dress has a lace appliqué bodice, which details the symbolism the nations of the United Kingdom; rose for England, thistles for Scotland, daffodils for Wales, and shamrocks for Ireland. The dress was made of satin. The lace bodice was handmade by a technique called Carrickmacross. The dress was made pretty carefully. The dressmaker used fresh needles every three hours, and washed their hand every half an hour to avoid marking the fabric. Blue ribbon was sewn inside the dress for “something blue”. The Carrickmacross was the “something old”.

The realization of Kate Middleton sketch dress design reminds many people of Elizabeth’s wedding and other 1950’s wedding; simple and classically modern.