Sketching is considered as a very important tool for every sewer. In one case, from your fashion sketches, you will be able to get through all phases of garment creation. The fabric selection and the color selection will be much easier and hassle free when you already have a fashion sketch. If you desire to be a professional fashion designer, you must ensure that your sketching skill is good or, at least, you always try hard to develop or improve your sketching skill. It is simply fascinating when we can record fashions we have seen on the street into fashion sketches.

In addition, sketching is equal to communicating. So, when we are sketching, it means that we are also communicating our ideas to more people. If you are a beginner, there is no need to feel down or not confident. A professional fashion designer requires a lot of time and hard work to be able to create a professional and brilliant fashion sketch. If you want to make your design idea comes to life, you can add color, pattern, and texture at your fashion sketches. When tracing an existing photograph, you can choose fashion figures with lots of movement or attitude. There are simple steps you can take to make a fashion sketch for the first time. First, you need to get some tracing paper and a magazine. Then, you have to choose a model which you think it has an easy pose to trace. Place the tracing paper over the magazine and you can start tracing the lines. Second, you can add clothes onto the figure you have traced. By doing this, your fashion sketches will look like they are created by a professional fashion designer. Third, you can erase the overlapping lines once you finish drawing the clothes. Afterwards, you can decide on what colors you want to make the clothes. It will make your sketch more alive. Recording fashions with fashion sketches is indeed fascinating.

If you have a strong passion on fashion, learning to make professional fashion sketches will not become a burden. Thus, you can be more excited and motivated to develop your sketching skill. In creating fashion sketches, you must have a proper knowledge or understanding about the body proportions, drawing the parts, the techniques, the poses of the body, and the human movements. There are some basic steps you can take to sketch a fashion design for women. Usually, you need to consider a normal and ideal height for a girl in five feet eight inches in height. The first step is you can use a scale of nine units. So, you in making fashion sketches, you can begin by drawing the head in an oval shape. Afterwards, you can continue drawing the neck and its pit. The second step is you need to draw horizontal lines for shoulders. Do not forget to place the bust in correct angle. The third step is you continue drawing parallel lines for waist and hips. The fourth step is you can mark correct location for knees, legs, arms, and hands. The fifth step is you can proceed drawing masses in the figure. In fashion sketches, you are required to draw masses in the torso, hips, thighs, and legs. The sixth step is you can begin drawing the clothes by looking at the border terms. In other words, you do not need to concentrate on the outline of the sketch. The seventh step is you need to ensure that the legs are always stiff and straight while the hips are raised on the sides in order to support the body weight. When making fashion sketches for the first time, you can simply free yourself to let your imagination and idea into a piece of paper. There are several alternatives you can take to be more knowledgeable about fashion sketching. You can join to a sketching class. So, you will be taught on how to make a good sketch. In addition, you can keep a fashion sketches journal. The journal will function as the “recorder” of your fashion ideas. Every time you get a fashion inspiration, you can simply make a sketch in your journal right away. Besides, you need to make sure that the journal is easy to carry.

Pursuing a future career as a professional fashion designer requires a lot of efforts. In one case, it may take months to be able to make proper fashion sketches. If you do not have passion, persistence, and motivation to be a fashion designer, you will end up of getting depressed on your way to be a professional fashion designer. What is more, you need to explore some principles of fashion design. Imagining that your design is liked by many people will become a motivation that will never let you down. Recording fashions with fashion sketches must be paired up with several things. The first thing is, as explained above, your passion, persistence, and motivation on dedicating yourself in fashion world.

The second thing is coping with the changing of fashion world from time to time. You must familiarize yourself with the hottest and latest fashion trend, the changing desires on the streets, and the ability to create a new fashion or the ability to create your own stream. The third thing you need to have your own personal signature. The thing that makes fashion sketches standing out is because there is a personal signature of the fashion designer. Every fashion designer finds his or her personal signature in many different ways such as using a specific print or pattern, using a particular color for every design, and combining many styles at a time. As time goes by, you will easily find your own personal signature in your fashion sketches. The fourth thing is your ability to always come up with fresh ideas and inspirations. People will always wait for your newest design every year if you are able to offer new ideas in your fashion sketches. Recording fashions with your sketches can become a thing you should be doing for your life after all.

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