I must say that finding inspiration to make fashion sketch is easy. But what I usually do when I get stuck, I will ask my sister about the kind of dress that she wants to have. Usually, she will answer either she wants Aurora’s dress, or Snow White’s. Then, I always go to thank to Disney for his brilliant idea.

Indeed, that is brilliant. Don’t you think you really cannot make dress for them? Don’t you feel pity for them for wearing the same dress, like, the whole life?

Usually, I will start to Google the picture of Aurora, and start to observe what she is actually wearing. Then, I start to cut the sleeve, and decide to make strapless  Moreover, I will also change the volume of the dress. The volume of the dress always makes me feel that she actually wears wedding dress every day. So, I decide to cut half of the volume, and cut it to top of the knees. Then, I change the color into fuchsia, and decided different hairdo for her. So, I change the wedding-gown Aurora into my short-and-sexy-wedding-gown Aurora fashion sketch.

I hope Disney will not mind it, and I do hope you will do the same like I do, whenever you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. Always ask children for fashion sketch. They are full of inspiration.

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