All I can say about sketch fashion designs is that without it, designers are dying. In other words, I may say that sketch fashion designs is the passion, and soul of every designer.

The sketches are somehow also reflects the personality of the designer. To be or not t be strikingly unique is what people of fashion are intended to produce. Again we cannot simply judge that this one is better than that one, for just lie humans, fashion sketches are just uniquely different, and each one is just brave and encouraging.

 Let us talk about Lady Gaga’s costumes. Not to mention every plastic bubbles and even the meat that makes our eyes pop, as well as the insanely high-platform shoes, those are the realization of great sketch fashion designs. Who to blame? No one, and on every other side, there is someone to blame. Regardless any negative and positive opinion to people’s arguments, still, those designers which make Gaga pretty weirdly popular are those designers who has complete dedicated themselves to be able to sketch by seeing, listening, and feeling the person who is wearing the dress. They put their souls and the person’s soul and make the out amazingly juggles the audience.  That is just the power of sketch fashion designs.