One of the most interesting topic to talk about when we are talking about sketch fashion model is drawing model’s eyes. Even though eyes is one of the details that not many people consider it is important part of a croquois, several designers find it important.

There is one thing we have to remember when we are talking about drawing eyes in sketch fashion model. The models’ eyes can never be less than realistic. Instead, surrealistic is the main key of drawing the eyes. Here, there are at least two opinions about which surrealism. One says that we have to draw enlarged eyes and with less details. Contrary to that, people sometimes draw the eyes implausibly beautifully. Again, taking the details for granted, drawing eyes of everyone requires the same rule.

We firstly have to draw the guidelines on the right place. Eyes should never be touching the outline of the face and they should be equal size each.  To create glamorous look, then we have to draw it comparatively close to each other. Start with drawing horizontal rectangles for left and right eyes. Then, manipulate it into left and right parallelograms. Then, we have to soften the edges and find the center of the eyes.  For opened eyes, we need to make create sexy cat look.

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