Fashion is indeed the self-expression of passion and personality. Moreover, it is also all about life philosophy that one has. Just when you draw your sketch fashion, you spill yourself there. For fashion is quite subjective and personal. Creativity and imagination of real life demand is what sketch fashion offers. In other words, there will be no exact true or exact wrong in fashion.

As I have said, sketch fashion is the blend of creativity and imagination based on what society demands.What I am intend to talk about here, for example, is what the creative tem of Lady gaga has contributed to the fashion world. Rudely, I may say that they have presented their wildest imagination of realization of sketch fashion that nobody has ever been brave enough to show.

In Indonesia, especially, there are singers called Mulan Jameelah, Maia Ahmad, and also IDP who have also adopted the wild concept of Gaga. Of course, they also give the touch of Korean style in the realization of their sketch fashion.

Sketch fashion is indeed the expressions of soul, passion, personality and philosophy. It is also the blend of art and community demand. Wild sketch fashion always result pros and cons. When it is praised and criticized, it is accepted by the community.

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