To begin creating clothes designs, you must provide several things such as drawing paper, tracing paper, pencils, eraser, croquis, and colored pencils. In designing clothes or sketching clothes, you have to remember some essential parts. Designing clothes is not merely about having a good drawing skill. There are things or parts more than that.

We have to create a croquis to make clothes designs. First, we can find models from a fashion magazine or other sources that offer natural poses. Second, we can begin with the basic grid. By beginning with a basic grid, we can be helped to keep proportions in check. Third, we can decide how to draw the croquis model. We can simply draw the model freehand or trace the image pose. Fourth, we can continue drawing a croquis using basic shapes.

The basic shapes include oval shapes for the head, hands, and feet; triangles meeting the middle; circles for joints; and lines which connect the shapes together. Furthermore, when creating clothes designs, we can begin by tracing our croquis. Then, we can add the clothing design and apply basic design drawing rules to the image. In adding movement and texture, we can make it by adding pleats, folds, patterns.

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