Even professionals may make some mistakes when they sketch design fashion. So, if you are new in sketching fashion design, you just need to challenge yourself. When we are making a sketch, we may make some common mistakes or problems. Two of the most common problems are problems with the head proportion and problems with facial features. The following details give you further info related to head proportion and facial features.

When we sketch design fashion, we tend to focus on a person’s features. Hence, we usually draw the person’s features too big. Squashing the rest of the head may seem a trivia matter when we are sketching a fashion design. But, it will affect the entire picture of the sketch. So, we have to always implement the correct head proportions for every sketch we make. In addition, we must ensure that the facial features are on the same angle as the rest of the face.

The facial features must be aligned properly. Furthermore, to get a perfect sketch design fashion, we should not draw pets from human eye level. It means that you have to get a good reference photo rather than a photo with odd face expression or a head which looks much bigger.

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