Working on details to soon in making a fashion design sketch is considered as a mistake done by both beginners and professional artists. Sometimes, we can easily get lost in the details. It can be either a good or bad thing.

It is a good thing because we can make a perfect sketch and make it more alive. It is a bad thing because all that work can go to waste if we do not have the proper larger forms at first. So, what is the right time to work on the details of your sketch? The following details give you the answer.

When making a fashion design sketch, we should not get tempted to start finishing off our drawing too fast. Working on the details too soon will result in wasting more time because we need to erase some unnecessary details later. To cope with that matter, we need to ensure that we are working from large to small. First, we need to draw the main forms. Do not forget to get the drawing or fashion design sketch laid in correctly from the beginning or the start. Then, when finish drawing the main parts or the main forms of the figure, we can follow add it with more details.

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