Are you wondering on how to sketch fashion design? Well, no need to be confused or even depressed before you give it a try. As like most beginners, we will tend to make mistakes in our first attempt sketching fashion design. There three common mistakes in sketching fashion design.

The first common mistake is being too afraid to draw black. When practicing graded and continuous shading, you have to dare yourself to draw black. In the how to sketch fashion design guide, there is no need to be afraid to go dark. The second common mistake is outlining in value drawings. Sometimes, we will create an illusion with areas of tonal value when we are value drawing. The solution to deal with this mistake is letting the edges to be defined by two different areas of tonal value meeting. The third common mistake is using the wrong paper. When you find out that you already follow all tips at how to sketch fashion design guide but your drawing is pale, it may be caused by the paper you use.

To sum up, there are three common mistakes in sketching: being too afraid to draw black, outlining in value drawings, and using the wrong paper.