One of the rules in fashion sketching is that keeping your art fresh, and to know when to sketch and to stop. Somehow, that is pretty important for many designers, especially for no one will draw good clothes designs sketches when they have no inspiration. Then, what they have to do is just stop; take a break and hang out to get more inspiration.

There are several things that you can do while taking break and refreshing yourself. First of all, you can take a walk to enjoy the nature. Then, try to imaginarily note down what you are enjoying at the moment, and relate that particular enjoyment to clothes designs sketches. Nature can really refresh your mind, moreover the greeny green grass and trees. That would be pretty cool if you can design clothes and dresses sketches in shades of green. At the same time, you can also refresh your mind by whispering to yourself what you like from the clothing of the people around you. Giving comment means that you can have reflection, as well as revision towards something. That also means you have advice also. Then, try to remember what you don’t like from the people’s clothes, and what will you do to make them better.

Those are what is so-called as to kill two birds with one stone is clothes designs sketches.

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