The year is about to end and it is the right time to look back at the fashion trends that didn’t quite hit the mark. Below are unfortunate styles the world has witnessed in 2015.

Over-lined Lips

One of the trends that were seen in 2014 is over-lined lips. This was started by Kylie Jenner when she posted a photo on Instagram. A lot of people argued on whether the high school student had her lips done or not. The lips might look good on the app but not in real life.

Fashion trends over lined lips

Photo by E Roca

Baggy Jeans with a Hole in the Thigh

In the previous years, distressed denim pants mean having naturally looking holes in the pants. But 2014 gave us a not so subtle hole on the thigh area. No top can hide the missing denim part.

Fashion trends jeans 2015
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Booty Shorts and Crop Tops

If you want to wear booty shorts then you should pair it with a large tank. Or if you want to wear a crop top then wear it with skinny jeans. You should not combine booty shorts with crop top or you will look like a whore.

Blanket Coats

Blanket coats are the opposite of wearing crop tops and booty shorts. A blanket coat covers you up but it should never be worn in public. It is similar to the bath robe but you can wear the robe out in the public when you woke up in the wrong side of the bed. There’s no reason for you to wear a blanket coat ever.

Fashion Sketches blanket coat

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Flannel around the Waist

A flannel must be worn as a shirt and not as an accessory around the waist. Or you can just skip the flannel shirt and wear something else.

Semi-Shaved Hairstyles

There are girls who like to shave half of their head to emulate Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Salt-N-Pepa, and others. The hairdo doesn’t look good on them and neither on you. And growing back the hair will bring a lot of bad hair days.

Semi shaved hairstyle fashion
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