Are you eager to be clothes designer? Then, if you are you should start from now for time is money, as well as popularity. Related to it, I have several things that would be pretty beneficial for you to be a clothes designer.

Firstly, if you really want to be a clothes designer, then, you have to draw. Master the basic technique, and learn step by step while slowly publishing your work. How will you do that? That is easy. For a beginning, you should have a particular book for your sketch compilation. Then, show it to your friends, or at least, unintentionally make your friend look at your work. Then, ask them to give comments, and try to draw one that they want.

What you are doing actually is promoting your work in small scale. Then, when you have many friends appreciate your work, try to design for money. You can offer yourself to make design for your friends for tailored dress. Just prepare three to five designs based on their requirements, and set your value. To get the dress done pretty well, accompany them to their tailor, and explain what they want.

Hopefully, Clothes Designer, your time will result money and popularity soon.


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