Watercolor is one of the most common technique for making fashion design sketches. Watercolors  contain dyes as well as pigments, suspended in an aqueous medium. They are especially brilliant and transparent. Because they are moist and fluid, they are suited to thin washes and airbrush application as well as conventional brushwork. Many of the more brilliant colors are fugitive, so liquid watercolors are used most often for illustrations that will be scanned for reproduction.


Watercolor brushes typically have long, absorbent hairs, and the best are of natural fiber. By tradition, a watercolor brush has a short handle, since the artist executes fine detail and works close to the paper or medium.
High-end watercolor brushes, are prized for their ability to keep a fine point, useful for detail work. Desired qualities include resiliency and snap.
The cost and scarcity of high-quality natural fibers has fostered the development of good synthetic alternatives. Synthetic watercolor brushes can be used with other media.

The images in this post are were submitted by Ms. Florina Boldi. You can visit her website to check out her designs: www.florinaboldi.com

Here are some comments form her:

“I usually work in watercolor and pencil, I try to depict certain
fashion images that inspire me, certain beauties. I work as a
freelance fashion designer/illustrator. I also have my own fashion
collection at www.florinaboldi.com.

Some of my favorite artist are Rene
Gruau, David Downton, Inslee, Izak. I like how they caption the mood
of people.”

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