When we are looking at professional fashion designer sketches, we will discover that there is always an inspiration we can get. In sketching, inspirations become the most important elements. But, not all people are able to find their inspirations.

In order to capture more inspirations, we can simply go through some fashion magazines or go for window shopping to fashion stores or malls. Going for a walk with a notebook can be the simplest way to get more inspirations. We will indeed need not only inspirations but also tools in fashion sketching.

There are two main tools we need to make fashion designer sketches: layout paper and silhouette outlines. Layout paper is slightly different with tracing paper. Layout paper is a little bit thicker than tracing paper. When sketching, we need to place layout paper over the silhouette outlines. Silhouette outlines are commonly available online. Silhouette outlines are kinds of mannequin forms on paper which will help us getting proportions correctly. To practice sketching or to make fashion designer sketches, we can use those two tools. Besides, we can also make them to be a tracing paper book. We will also need pencils, colored pencils, and ink to sketch fashion designs besides layout paper and silhouette outlines.

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