Wendy Nichol states she is a good witch and only utilizes white magic for her designs. It looks like she does have some sort of power. Take for instance her popular bullet bags. They have enjoyed three times the shelf life of an “it bag” and have no signs of decreasing their popularity. She has been making earrings for girls who have multiple piercings even before fashion magazines have declared forward helix holes and tragus as fashionable items. She has been honing her mystical skills for a couple of years now even if the term witchy has just been used as a compliment in the fashion industry in recent years.

Nichol said that people who work with her in her studio are the ones who have magic from their fingertips. All her fashion pieces are hand-made from her studio in New York and she has to oversee all her lines, ready-to-wear, jewelry, and leather goods.

Photos by: Wendy Nichols. Please visit her website and check her designs

She confessed that she was always making things even when she was still young. She would make skirts out of fabric but she didn’t study art or fashion in school. Her style came naturally to her. She started making jewelry in 2007 and worked with leather in most of her pieces.

Before she made jewelry, she was a stay-at-home mother. Her daughter was born in 2000. She previously worked for Joe Mimran at Club Monaco but she took time off in order to take care of her daughter. Once she started going to school, she started with the label.

Her first jewelry designs were three-pyramid cuffs, ten pyramid cuffs, a single pyramid ring, and pyramid earrings. She said that she finds triangles reassuring. People began noticing her jewelry when she went to stores she liked and showed them her jewelry pieces. He loved it and she started filling orders.

Her first bags were ordered by Bird. At first she didn’t know what she was doing. Her most popular bag is the bullet bag, which is a design she has made in 2009. It was featured in Vogue’s August issue.